Why Washing Your Car in the Sun is a No-No: 10 Issues You Need To Know About.

Sep 20, 2023Blog

Washing your car is an essential part of car maintenance, but doing it under the scorching sun might not be the best idea. While it may seem convenient, there are numerous drawbacks to washing your car in direct sunlight. In this article, we’ll explore ten compelling reasons why it’s a bad idea to wash your car in the sun.

  1. Water Spots Galore: When you wash your car in the sun, the water dries quickly, leaving behind unsightly water spots that can be challenging to remove.
  2. Soap Dries Too Fast: Similarly, car soap can dry on your car’s surface before you have a chance to rinse it off properly, potentially leaving streaks and residue.
  3. Uneven Cleaning: The sun can cause soap and water to evaporate unevenly, leading to areas of your car that are cleaned less thoroughly than others.
  4. Fading Paint: Prolonged sun exposure can cause your car’s paint to fade over time. Washing it in the sun increases the risk of paint damage.
  5. Increased Water Usage: To compensate for the rapid evaporation, you may end up using more water than necessary, which is not eco-friendly.
  6. Heat Stress: High temperatures can cause stress on your car’s surface materials, making them more susceptible to damage during washing.
  7. Risk of Water Spots: Even if you dry your car immediately, some water spots may still form due to the high temperature of the surface.
  8. Hard Water Stains: If your area has hard water, washing your car in the sun can lead to hard water stains that are tough to remove.
  9. Less Effective Cleaning: The sun can make it difficult to see dirt and imperfections on your car’s surface, leading to a less effective cleaning job.
  10. Time Pressure: Washing your car in the sun can be more time-sensitive, increasing the likelihood of rushed or incomplete cleaning.


While it might be tempting to wash your car in the sun for convenience, it is generally not the best option. Doing so can lead to numerous drawbacks, including damage to your vehicle’s paint and finish. It is advised to:

  • Wash your car in shaded or cooler areas to maintain its appearance effectively.
  • Choose early mornings or late evenings for car washes to achieve cleaner and spot-free results.

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